Billur Lighting was established in 1958. It is one of the pioneers of indoor and outdoor lighting equipment makers and providers in Turkey. For over 46 years, Billur Lighting has been committed to providing a diverse selection of high quality lighting fixtures earning the reputation as one of the leading decorative lighting lines in Turkey. It is still operated by members of the founder's family. From one generation to the next, we have passed down the knowledge, skill and experience required to make beautifully crafted lighting fixtures that last. With the experience gained through our long history of continuous operation, Billur Lighting is qualified to meet the design, engineering, and manufacturing requirements of the modern lighting world.

Our factory and company headquarters are located in Istanbul, Turkey where our experienced craftsmen make our exclusive lighting fixtures to your exact specifications. Billur Lighting, Inc. has one main center located in Istanbul, Turkey and 3 showrooms throughout the country that support one of the largest networks of electrical distributors in Turkey.

At Billur Lighting you will find very friendly service by a knowledgeable and courteous staff of lighting professionals.

Thank you for visiting Billur Lighting, and let us know how we can assist you!

With great enthusiasm, we create new designs almost monthly. Our production line can be categorized in four main groups:

1.) Outdoor Lighting (Exterior garden lamps, path lights, outdoor brass and cast aluminum fixtures as well as polycarbonate lanterns).

2.) Decorative Lighting (Sconces, ceiling and floor lamps).

3.) Technical Lighting (Recessed and surfaced spotlights).

4.) Cast-aluminum products (Mailboxes, water fountains, benches from antique samples or illustrations).

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